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Power Quality Testing

GT Power uses uses state of the art power quality testing and monitoring equipment to properly identify problem areas to address your critical power needs, protect your equipment from outages and spikes.

Power Quality Testing:
Power Quality Testing is done to ensure the efficient use of electrical energy and protect the equipment. The power quality variations occurring in computer networks and telecommunications due to subtle power surges, harmonic disturbances and voltage drops leads to malfunctioning or damage of the equipments which results in financial losses both in production and replacements costs. To overcome this problem, power quality testing is done by installing power protection system to the equipment. The technical term Power quality is used to describe electrical power required to drive the load of the equipment whose value can range from 0 to 1 and it is the the ability of the load to function properly. Any electrical or electronic device without proper power quality can result in Mal-functioning or failure of the device. And another important factor that is affected due to poor power quality in equipment is that the efficiency of the device is also reduced.

Factors affecting Power Quality Testing:

Power quality is mainly described with the following set of parameters: Transient voltages and currents, continuity of service, harmonic current in waveforms and variation in voltage magnitude. These factors are determined by measuring the following values of the supply. They are Peak voltage, RMS voltage, Peak current, RMS current, phase angle, frequency load balance, power, harmonics, flicker, wave shape, power factor and inrush currents. Power quality testing is evaluated by measuring the above values and then corrective action is taken to ensure the correct functioning of the device. Power quality testing is done with the help of the following devices: Power quality analyzer, Electrical Equipment Tester, Earth bond tester, Power explorer and Power logger.

It is described as the quality of the voltage that is being supplied from any power source and it is also the corrective measure to address the power needs of the device. In order to avoid the problems associated with malfunctioning of electrical equipments due to poor power quality testing is to make use of power protection system containing uninterrupted power supplies by designing it using emergency generator along with UPS. The main purpose of using the uninterrupted power supply is that the sensitive devices can operate continuously at times of prolonged power outrage without any interruption. The task of Power quality testing is done by electrical contractors by installing a state-of-the-art test device to provide continuous power supply to the device and help in harmonic analysis. Also, the non-linear load of the device increases which leads to increase of harmonic value in the main supplies. To overcome this problem, standard known as IEC61000-3-2 is published by IEC to limit the harmonics of electrical device and improve the power factor.

If the quality of the power supply is poor in any device, the efficiency in the power delivery of the system is reduced and leads to wastage of lot of money either in the form of replacement of the device or repair of the device. The task of power factor correction using Power quality testing absolutely reduces the electrical bill of your concern and save you lot of money. So, Power quality testing must be done at all workplaces in order to avoid any losses that occur due to it and also to maximize the performance of the system. It is very essential to make ensure the correct operation of generation and distribution of power supply in any electrical system.

Power Quality Testing :: Power Quality Testing Services