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Power Quality Testing

Power Quality Testing Services

Power Quality Testing is becoming increasingly important to ensure the efficient use of electrical energy in Malaysia. The use of Power Quality Testing services can help in reducing energy losses and contribute to saving the environment!

Power quality testing is essential for ensuring the efficient generation, distribution and use of electrical energy. The power quality defines a set of limits that allow electrical systems to operate in their intended manner without, significant, loss of performance or product life.

Modern business is based on two important components; computer and electricity systems. Without these two, many of the companies you see around would not be functioning to their optimal level. However, computer and electric systems are also very vulnerable and most businesses incur heavy losses when there are disruptions within these systems. Power quality fluctuations can cause damage running into millions of shillings due to equipment malfunction and in most cases, data loss is accompanied by legal issues which could be devastating for your business. To avoid this pitfall, you need to invest in power quality testing services.

Understanding the Basics of Power Quality Testing Services

One of the most important considerations when setting up any electrical system is the cost of running the same and also reliability. These two factors depend on the power quality which requires constant testing. Poor power quality increases the cost of running your business while also accelerating wear and tear of the whole system. This in turn costs money to repair or even overhaul expensive machinery. One of the most important aspects of power quality testing is power demand that your appliances require over time especially during peak hours when most of the machinery is running.

Established power quality testing services provide the necessary expertise and equipment to analyze the power demand and advice on the same. This ensures that all your electrical systems are supplied with sufficient power at any time to avoid losses and other inconveniences. Another critical aspect which power quality testing services focus on is power consumption measured in Watts (Wh) or Kilowatts (KWh). This is considered as the sum of electrical usage over time.

Power consumption helps in getting 'Power Factor' another important aspect used by power quality analyzers. This is simply a ratio of actual power your electrical appliance uses to the power delivered. Power cleanliness is also analyzed during power quality testing. Power cleanliness is a complex standard used in power quality testing and deals with power harmonics. Power factor correction is in fact one of the main activities carried out by power quality testing services to help you save money and improve efficiency. In summary, testing focuses on continuity, variation in voltage and harmonic content in wave forms.

Benefits of Using Power Quality Testing Services

Most businesses find it easier to repair electrical faults using any contractor available. However, this only exacerbates the problem by rectifying a superficial problem. When you use an established power management company, incisive examination of your electrical system will be done to identify any poor power quality issues.

This saves you money and improves the output of your business. Moreover, these companies have certified technicians and specialized equipment to improve the safety and efficiency of the testing process. By using power quality testing services you will also get certified by different industry standards.

They also offer versatile services touching on most aspects of your electrical systems including battery installation and certification, reliability services, UPS emergency services, load bank testing, trouble shooting and diagnostics , calibration among others.

When you contract power quality testing services you will also exploit their immense experience in the industry and hence improving the safety standards in your business. So, whether you need on-site testing, lab power quality testing or even a certification testing partner, these power quality testing services provide your best bet.