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Capacitor and electronic means of Power Factor Correction provide well-known benefits to electric power systems. These benefits include power factor correction, reduction in electricity bills, voltage support, release of system capacity, and reduced energy losses. A high power factor means maximum use of electrical power, while a low power factor leads to utilizing more power to obtain the same load kW, which you pay for in various ways on your electricity bill.

Basically the power factor correction concept is associated with the electrical devices and about managing its various components. In the companies where power management services and its sales are carried on, power factor correction plays an important role. Here there is a provision of Green Technology which is rather very helpful in reduction of the electricity bills which consumers find it difficult at times. For all those who run a business or having a large consumption of electricity, power factor management provides a good respite. There are systems available in the market which empowers the power factor of the electrical system and provides a rather good energy being used by the devices. The transformers, Motor appliances and the electrical circuits all are come under the preview of power management service. These systems which are installed are effective only when the monthly billing of power used is based on these power factor levels. The power factor management applies complete analysis and diagnosis of the electrical system in the business to create a power factor profile. This profile is used in the assessment of the consumption of power.

What is Power Factor Correction?

The Power factor management process involves certain criterions which measures the Power factor of an electrical device. Power factor correction is nothing but the ways to correct those flaws revealed through Power factor calculations, which would instill a new life to the appliances. This is used to measure the level of efficiency of the device. The calibration is often between 0 and 1. The higher the calibration, the more efficient is the energy use and vice versa. There are also those devices that requires additional power factor and their power factor is low. These low power factor devices cut short the life of the device. There are also those devices that do not require a Power correction at all and they have 100% efficiency. One might also understand the commonly used terms in Power Factor Corrections. KW and KVAR are two of the most frequently used words in this business. KW is often referred to as the working power or the most important factor. It generally powers the equipment and it should be diligently handles. In transformers and other similar equipments where Magnetic Flux is involved, we use KVAR which provides them the power. This says that the power factor correction can be calculated as the ratio of KW and KVAR. The ratio shows the actual status of the electrical device. It should be noted that for an efficient usage of an electrical device the power factor should approach as close to the 1.0 figure. Lesser than 0.85 is a wastage of the energy.

Usage of Power Factor Correction:-

The power factor correction finds its common use in almost all the power factor management services. The total correction procedure is calculated by analyzing the ratio of KW & KVAR so as to analyze the total consumption of power. The industrial growth and their power analysis are pre-dominantly dependent of such Power factor corrections.