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Energy Conservation with Power Factor Correction

Most people today are very much concerned with energy conservation especially when it comes to electric consumption. One of the best ways of saving electric energy in any home or facility is by adding a power factor corrector to the electric panel. Power factor correction is an effective method of improving the quality of the electricity provided by the utility company. In general, power factor represents the ratio of actual power used to the actual power supplied. The variation of this ratio is monitored by a power factor corrector. It is one of the most essential performance measurement parameter for electric devices.

Any facility looking forward to saving on electric consumption is sure to explore the possibility with power factor correction device. The device is designed to offer substantial savings on electric bills, provide surge protection for various facilities and homes and to increase the lifespan of electric devices through heat reduction. This method of computing efficiency has many benefits to both the user and the electricity supplier. However, most utility companies do not tell the clients about power factor correction in order to capitalize on their high electric consumption.

Power factor correction has been practiced for over 90 years making it one of the oldest energy conservation measures one can take to reduce their home's electric consumption. An average of 15% savings on electric bills has been reported by many homes and facilities that use a power factor corrector. However, with a well installed correction system, savings up to 20% are possible. The device has a quick return on investment, usually less than 2 years, making it the most cost effective method of electricity conservation.

Most electric motors used in homes and facilities have lagging currents in the inductive circuits. The power factor device increases the efficiency of which the induction motors by reducing the amount of reactive power that the load draws from the utility company. Electrostatic capacitors are incorporated in the power factor corrector as they take a leading current and compensate for the lagging currents. Reactive power charges can also be reduced by use of power factor correction capacitors therefore minimizing waste energy and cutting down the electricity bills. By use of this method, the amount of electrical usage ordered from the electrical supplier by power factor optimization is largely reduced or in most cases eliminated.

With power factor correction, the reduction in electrical usage as well as efficiency is greater in homes and facilities with a lot of inductive load that contribute to the energy expense. Therefore, an average facility without many inductive loads such as fans, washing machines, air conditioners and refrigerators among others, is bound to gain a lot from the power factor correction method of energy saving. Another major advantage of using this technology is the increased durability of these devices. To experience the intangible benefits of using power factor correction, it is important to consult with a certified electrical contractor to test your system.

The use of power factor correction devices is an excellent way of saving on electric bills and conserving the energy in homes and other facilities.