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GT Power Engineering is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Power Efficient systems including power savers such as Power factor correction  and Energy Saving systems equipment for industrial and commercial clients in Malaysia. Our approach to energy efficiency and energy reduction is at a plants source using a number of proven technologies which includes Power Factor Correction and Voltage optimisation combined which is unique in Malaysia and is proving to be a solid and cost effective method to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in an ever increasing energy conscious environment. GT Power Engineering‘s Power Efficient Systems are experts in Energy Saving Systems.

GT Power Engineering Sdn Bhd was established in 1999 by Mr. Louis Chai. His experience about power efficient systems is unquestioned. Having got experience for more than ten years, he deserves to be called as expert about the system. By this system, GT Power takes a part in saving energy campaign. Besides, there is also benefit taken by customers. The expenditure will decrease because this system really helps them to save their money. This system will help them to optimize the quality of electricity.

The power efficient systems can be implemented through Power Factor Correction or Power Quality Testing. The power factor correction is important tool to make electrical usage more efficient. It is an index measured from 0 to 1. The higher index means the usage of electricity more efficient. Yet, if the index is lower, the electrical usage is less efficient. In this Power Factor, there are two terms; KW and KVAR. KW is working power. People also name it Actual Power, Active Power or Real Power. It is the power used for equipment. Meanwhile, if transformers, motors or relays want to create magnetizing flux, they will need KW or called Reactive Power. To make the electrical usage efficient, the power factor has to reach 1.0. When power factor points out lower than 0.85, it assumes that the usage of electricity is less efficient.

The second is Power Quality Testing. It is one of tools which help to make the electricity more efficient. This tool will show the distribution and also the electrical usage. By this Power Quality Testing, the electrical systems will get the limit but without neglecting the performance. This Power Quality will describe the electricity power which may be used to optimize the function with that electric power. This is one of power efficient systems offered by GT Power.

Power efficient systems is very important right now. One of companies providing this service is GT Power Engineering Sdn Bhd. This company will provide you with the systems to make the electricity more efficient. Moreover, the price of electricity is getting higher. All you need is tool to make the power more efficient without forgetting the performance. If you pick the product from GT Power Engineering, surely you will satisfy. There is guarantee for twelve months. It is counted from the date of commissioning. Or the guarantee is for eighteen months if it is counted from date of dispatch.

Power efficient systems would try to give service to decrease the monthly electric expenditure. If you choose other companies as your partner to install power efficient systems, the error might occur. It means that it will cost a lot and take long time. If you choose GT Power, you will be serviced well. GT Power will provide you service without any mistakes so you don't have to prepare extra money. Besides the service, the products are also branded. They are taken from such as LKH, Vishay ESTA, etc. The electricity becomes important because in modern era, we really depend on it and everybody cannot avoid using it. So, it is good news that there is product and service offered to make the use of your electricity more efficient. It means that you can save more money now.


Power Efficient Systems :: Energy Efficient Systems