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Malaysia Power Factor Correction Specialist - About Us

GT Power Engineering Services Sdn Bhd is a trusted electric switchboards contractor and power management services consultant, providing power factor correction, power quality testing, and power efficient system planning. Our power quality testing troubleshoots and diagnoses a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment in Malaysia.

Established in 1999, GT Power Engineering Sdn Bhd is founded by Mr. Louis Chai, who has more than ten years of qualified site experience in the installation, backup and maintenance of high tension (HT) and low voltage (LV) systems.

It is our very experience in Power Management Services, Power Quality Testing and Power Factor Correction that our customers have come to place their trust in us. Our service engineers, who worked with GT Power Engineering for many years, have extensive experience and know-how to troubleshoot and solve any challenge without fail. For us, failure is not in our vocabulary. Our experience in Power Quality Testing and Power Factor Correction has enabled our customers to save money. We understand your needs and thus we educate you to how power factor correction can help you achieve optimal electrical quality and save a lot of money in the process. We are knowledgeable, experienced and we go about our work with professionalism. We are dealing with electricity here!

In essence, GT Power is a one-stop Power Management Services partner. Electricity is expensive.  We consult with our clients to implement power efficient systems through power factor correction and power quality testing. Can you afford to not have a power efficient system in place?

GT Power provides components and equipment from well-regarded brands such as LKH, Vishay ESTA, LS and Mikro. As testament to our confidence in our products and services, all components in our Power Factor Correction Board, power efficient systems and equipment supplied by us are guaranteed against detective materials or workmanship for twelve months from the date of commissioning or eighteen months from the date of dispatch.

We pride ourselves in providing the most cost-effective power factor management services, power efficient system implementation and power factor correction services in Malaysia. Our products and services competitively priced. Clients who tried their hand at installing power factor correction in-house have discovered that their “trial and error” approach cost them more in the long run.  Worst still, their use of inexperienced power factor correction vendors left a lot to be desired.

By engaging us as your Power Management Services consultant, your electricity bill will be reduced drastically and better still, you avoid expensive Power Factor penalties imposed by TNB.

If you're looking for a reliable power factor management services specialist providing power quality testing, power factor correction to implement a power efficient system for you, then all you need is to call us at (603) 9100-4155 or email us at and we are more than happy to educate you on HOW YOU CAN CUT DOWN ON EXPENSIVE ELECTRICITY BILLS!