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  • Step 1: The Bill Before Power Factor步骤 1: 实行功率因素前的账单
  • Step 2: Consult With GT Power步骤2: 咨询GT Power
  • Step 3: Application of Power Factor步骤 3: 实行功率因素措施
  • Step 4: Saving In Utilities Bill 步骤4: 节省电费
Step 1: The Bill Before Power Factor1 Step 2: Consult With GT Power2 Step 3: Application of Power Factor3 Step 4: Saving In Utilities Bill 4

GT Power Engineering Services Sdn Bhd is a trusted electric switch board contractor, providing power quality testing, power management services, technical solutions for power efficient system, power factor correction, troubleshooting and diagnostics for a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment in Malaysia.

Established in 1999, GT Power Engineering Services Sdn Bhd was founded by Mr. Louis Chai, whose more than ten years of accumulated site experience in the installation, back up and maintenance of high tension (HT) and low voltage (LV) systems has been a great boon to the company.

With more than ten years experience in the Power Factor Correction, Power Quality Testing, Power Efficient Systems and Power Factor Management industry, our customers can rest assured that great service is guaranteed. Our service engineers, most of which have worked with GT Power Engineering Services ...

Power Factor Correction
Power factor is an index used to compute the efficiency level of electrical usage. The index is measured from 0 to 1. A higher index shows efficient usage of electricity and vice versa. Certain appliances have a power factor of 100%, meaning that they are 100% efficient. However, in some appliances whereby additional power is needed, Low power factor not only shortens the lifespan of electrical appliances but also constitutes a loss to both the consumer as well as TNB.

Refering to the AKTA BEKALAN ELEKTRIK 1990( AKTA 447), (SYARIKAT PENGGANTI 1990 AKTA 448) all the relays like earth fault /overcurrent/ ACB & main switchboard have to carry out service by competent person once every two (2) years, with the chop & sign report with registered Professional Engineer (PE).

We do provide 1 stop service like power upgrade from 33kv~11kv/ 415V system. Main switch board design, modification, emergency back up service & repair. Genset rental available.

We provide experience team of executive to application the requirement power for case to case basis. We got a wide range of expert to handle those construction company, cement company, temporary site storage & etc. Under ground / over head & etc.

Electrical Contracting
We contracting new & current factory cabling job like power distribution board, machine power cable & etc.

Welding Metal Engineering